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India's Lucknow is Home to the Traditional Embroidery form known as Chikankari. The word, which can be translated as Embroidery (Thread or Wire), is one of Lucknow's most well-known Textile decoration Idioms. Chowk is the primary market in Lucknow for goods made with Chikankari.


The Technique of creation of a Chikan work is known as Chikankari. Chikan is a Delicate and Artfully done Hand Embroidery on a Variety of Textile Fabrics like Muslin, Silk, Chiffon, Organza, Net, etc. White thread is Embroidered on Cool, Pastel Shades of Light Muslin and Cotton Garments. Nowadays Chikan Embroidery is also done with Colored and Silk Threads in Colors to meet the Fashion Trends and keep Chikankari up-to-date. Lucknow is the Heart of the Chikankari Industry today and the Variety is known as Lucknawi Chikan.

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Chikan work in recent times has adopted additional embellishments like Mukaish, Kamdani, Badla, Sequin, Bead, and Mirror work, which gives it a Rich look. Chikan Embroidery is mostly done on fabrics like Cotton, Semi-Georgette, Pure Georgette, Crepe, Chiffon, Silk, and any other Fabric which is Light and which Highlights the Embroidery. The Fabric cannot be too Thick or Hard, else the Embroidery Needle won't pierce it. The Piece begins with one or more Pattern Blocks that are used to Block-Print a Pattern on the Ground Fabric. The Embroiderer Stitches the Pattern, and the Finished Piece is carefully washed to remove all traces of the Printed Pattern.

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